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Kobina de Graft - Johnson

As the Founder, Ceo and Director of Photography at Anibok Studios, Kobina is actively creating and building a catalogue of 100 films to shape the story-telling narrative of Ghanaian and Ameri-African culture.


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Anibok Studios
The guiding tenet of Kobina’s career is to establish a solid body of diverse work through collaboration and innovative ways of filming. Anibok Studios is a production company that develops content for Film, TV, and Streaming under the leadership of Kobina Born in Tema, Ghana, Kobina’s movie-watching pastime morphed into a lifelong passion for directing, producing, editing, and photography where the first time he was on a film set became a pivotal moment of his career.
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Anibok Studios
Kobina’s entrepreneurial approach to creativity means not merely focusing on creating content or film, but includes first, understanding the business of art to create a sustainable venture and second, creating opportunities for other Creatives in Ghana.
The expediency of having a voice that leaves a positive impact on Ghanaian culture is what led Kobina to dig deep into communication, creative, and leadership capabilities to make the transition from Accountant to Director of Photography. It was through the mundane every day activities of working out, reading, and watching movies that Kobina further appreciated that he connected with the art of telling stories and film in a deep way that would not allow him stay on the side lines.
production company

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Anibok Studios

Of particular interest to Kobina is the narrative, women’s empowerment group economics, and support for the deaf and blind community. Kobina’s body of work extends from Ghana to New York where his short films in particular are an eclectic treat of African culture interpreted through the lens of contemporary reality.
Fuelled by the personal inspiration of his father who defied a myriad of financial and geographical odds to succeed both as an individual and family man, Kobina’s goal is to turn dreams into films. This he has put into play by building a company from the ground up and working with clients including Vogue Espana where he was Editor of the project, Brussels Airlines, Centric TV, Essence, and Shea Moisture. Kobina’s favorite memory from his career has been filming backstage at the 2016 BET Awards and seeing talents such as Samuel Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, Jamie Fox, and Beyoncé.